Free Revelation Study Course: Chapter 6


The Six Seals

Revelation 6 is about six major, worldwide events that will happen on earth when King Jesus breaks off each seal from a scroll in heaven. The events occur during the last seven years on earth before Christ comes back. The period is known as the “Satanic Trinity Tribulation” of the Jews and the world.

After uncovering the prophecies of this chapter, you will learn that God is the Master mystery writer when it comes to elusion. Revelation Chapter 6 is a small piece of the intricate, prophecy puzzle that fits perfectly in its place while supporting and being supported by other scripture.

The events include:
α) The Antichrist becomes the world dictator
β) World wars
γ) World famines
δ) World death and massive casualties
ε) The blood of the martyred Saints who were killed in the Tribulation cry out to God for vengeance
ζ) King Jesus comes back, not to avenge the Saints yet, but to pick us up to take us to “The Marriage Supper of the Lamb” in heaven (Rev. 19:7-9). This will be the “First Resurrection of the dead” and “The Rapture” of the remnant of the elect when Jesus comes back riding on the clouds at the first stage of His return (Mat. 24:29-31).

The Purpose

The Book of Revelation was written to seasoned Christians, who have an intimate relationship with King Jesus and who know His Word. The Revelation of King Jesus is the ultimate Bible book that completes everything we need to know about Christ so that our relationship can grow to the highest heights. This is why we study the fundamental books of the Bible, so that we can understand the revealed prophecies of King Jesus.

The Lesson

This lesson on Chapter 6 of the Book of Revelation is apart of a free online Bible Study Course on the Book of Revelation presented and hosted by StreetPreacher. Students will learn the Book of Revelation, verse by verse, from an Israeli, evangelical, futuristic, pre-millennial, prewrath rapture perspective using a modified version of the King James Bible.

The Lesson covers:
α) A Review of the Quiz from Chapter 5
β) First Seal – White Horse (6:1-2)
γ) Second Seal – Red Horse (6:3-4)
δ) Third Seal – Black Horse (6:5-6)
ε) Fourth Seal – Pale Horse (6:7-8)
ζ) Fifth Seal – Souls Under the Altar (6:9-11)
η) Sixth Seal – Christ Returns (6:12-17)
θ) A Quiz on this Chapter 6 of The Book of Revelation.

On the Final Exam, I will direct the students on how to easily write a book or a booklet on the Book of Revelation from the Course Lessons and Quizzes.

One thought on “Free Revelation Study Course: Chapter 6

  • April 29, 2021 at 1:34 pm
    Apr. 29, 2021

    The Seals are caused directly or indirectly by the Satanic Trinity Beast. The Beast even causes Christ to return at the Sixth Seal, and God’s Judgments at the Seventh Seal. The Seven Trumpet and Vial Plagues are God’s response to the Seals caused by the Satanic Trinity Beast. The Seven Trumpet Plagues are one-third strong because they are mixed with God’s mercy. The Seven Vial Plagues are poured out undiluted and are full strength because they are without God’s mercy. They are the “Wrath of God,” which completes God’s judgments.