Keep Praying for America

Keep Praying for America


No Economic Crash This Year

Pray that America’s economy doesn’t crash this year. Our economy is heavily dependent on the Stock Market as demonstrated by the crashes of 1929 and 2008. The Stock Market has been continuously increasing until February 2018 when it destabilized with wild swings of hundreds and even a thousand points a day. The Federal Reserve plan to raise the interest rate, not 3 but, 4 times this year because they believe the economy is healthy, improving and the unemployment rate is down to 4%. This sounds like hot air because 2017 was a record high number of store closures, which include Macy’s, Sears, J.C. Penny, Sam’s Club, Radio Shack, PathMark, Westinghouse and many other companies. If these markets are failing, filing for bankruptcy and laying-off workers, how can the Stock Market and the economy, which represent these markets be doing so well and the unemployment rate be way down?

I thought the economy was going to crash last year but Yehovah gave me this campaign to ask people to pray that it would not. He has given us another year of prosperity!!!

No Famine This Year

If the economy collapses there will be no more supermarkets, a food shortage and whatever little food that will be available will be 10 times more expensive. Retail markets are already struggling to stay open by reducing their inventory and varieties, raising prices and stocking shelves half-full. Rising interest rates depletes whatever small profit made by these stores causing them to close. One economist said that the Fed’s interest rate hikes might be the proverbial straw that breaks the economy like in 2008. The last administration raised the interest rate twice from 0% to 0.5% at the end of its 8-year term. This administration has already raised the rate 4 times to 1.75%.

No Martial Law This Year

After 5 days without food, people will start robbing and stealing. After 10 days without food people will start killing. Martial Law is a political, military state of a nation or region where the ruler has extended power and uses the military to strictly enforce civil laws like nazi Germany. During an Economic Crash Emergency, the president can suspend The Constitution, declare Martial Law and have the military impose a curfew to keep people off the streets. Recently, Trump was filmed taking a picture with a group of members from the Defense Department to which he says, These people are great, followed by “This is the calm before the storm.” A reporter asks “What storm, sir?..What storm Mr. President?” “You’ll see,” Trump replies.

No Depopulation of America’s Low Classes This Year

Once Martial Law is declared and the streets of the county are flooded with military vehicles and troops to lockdown cities (can’t go out of the house), executive orders says troops can go from house to house seizing people’s homes and possessions and auctioning their possessions off from those new Self Storage stores. The tenants can then be put to work in FEMA Concentration Camps to build back up the economy. Unfortunately, those Camps can also be used to depopulate America, starting with the lower class up to the upper class until the elite and some of the upper classes are left. Many believe the country/world is overpopulated. The first directive on the Georgia Guidestone supports this belief and says:

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

No Tribulation This Year

The Bible predicts the last 7 years on earth before King Jesus returns. They are called the Tribulation and begin when a world dictator creates a peace agreement with Israel and Palestine for 7 years (Dan. 9:27). He will go to war with every nation that doesn’t submit to his authority including Israel, after 3 ½ years, for refusing to take the mark and worship the image of The Beast (Rev. 13:14-18, Zech. 14:2). Today, we live in a time of peace and an economic crash may be the catalyst that takes us from liberty to captivity to The Tribulation.

I am the StreetPreacher

…preaching the return of King Jesus and His Kingdom on the streets of NYC from a Hebrew perspective. These events may seem unlikely but Walmart has closed dozens of its stores, fired those employees, converted those stores into FEMA prisons and the parking lots into military bases stockpiled with military vehicles. So, if Martial Law is declared, the military is staged and the Camps are all ready. Also, America is 26 trillion dollars in debt, which cannot be repaid. Can a crashed economy be a way out, like bankruptcy?

Google these topics for yourself then pray for salvation with me today with your mouth saying:

Holy Father in heaven, thank You for calling me. I am an unworthy sinner. I now turn from my evil, selfish ways. I believe in my heart Jesus died for my sins and You raised Him up on the third day. I confess with my mouth that Jesus is the King of my life. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

And for America:

Father God, King of the cosmos, we pray to You in the name of Your Son, Jesus that America will not be subjected to the events listed in this tract this year so more people can be saved for the glory of King Jesus. Let it be true.

You are saved. Now what? Read the gospel of John, get baptized and practice Christianity! And if this gospel tract has been helpful to you, please donate.

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