A Sign of the Times


I just saw a military tractor without the trailer on Rogers Avenue. It was painted in the colors of green camouflage. Could this be the year the lamb turns into a lion and Martial Law is declared? They say every seven years or so the Stock Market crashes (1999, 2008, 2015?). Currently, the Market is at its all time high and keeps trending upward as it continues to break new records. This in itself sounds like a balloon about to burst. This time, will the Market take down the US Dollar, too? Russia and China has stopped using the Dollar as the international currency for purchasing goods. The Arabs have also suggested that their own currency should be used to buy oil which will further threatened the stability of the buck.

But of course, all of this is being engineered by the rich, elite and wealthy banker’s group. They want the buck to fail so they can conform the world into using a single united currency. It will have some kind of digital form to allow it to be controlled by computers (keep your eye on the Apple Pay protocol). Ultimately, this new world currency will develop into the mark of the One World Government (The Beast) and will be required by all in order to buy or sell anything.

It gets worse as the population spirals out of control. People will be tribulated, starting with the poorest on up, so that others can have the world and the wealth to themselves. The Bible warns us not to be greedy for anything. It is not joking when it says, “People who love money can never get enough of it.” You would think that if you were the richest person with $73 billion, you would be happy and satisfied. This is not the case. Your love of money has gotten you the $73 billion but for the same reason you would not be satisfied because you want more and can’t get enough of it and thus, would not be too happy.

Do you need a clue to believe what I am saying? Then take a look around and tell me what you see. Noting? Even as a Christian who has been going to church for the past 10 years? Let me help you. After you get a working foundation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, study the book of Revelation of Jesus Christ. It was written to the church so that we will know the future events concerning our Lord. Then I want you to periodically update yourself on local and international events. This may include watching news, listening to radio shows, observing changes in you community and of course searching the web (google it). Finally, I want you to filter this information through your understanding of prophecy so that you will be able to discern the signs of the times as you watch and pray for deliverance.

I’ll tell you what I see. For starters, the future of America IS in the bible. Only, she is referred to as Babylon The Great – Mother of All Prostitutes because she has forsaken the true God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and has fornicated with every object of worth imagined, including money, sex, drugs, houses, cars, food, clothing, you name it; even pagan sun-god worship. High Holy Days have been renamed holidays. It’s Hanukkah not Christmas…it’s Passover not Easter which are some of the Sabbaths we are commanded to take off from work. America is a docile lamb now but will soon turn into a roaring lion that persecutes Christians (read Rev. 13,  Rev. 17, Rev. 18, and Rev. 19). Henry Kissinger keeps saying, “Obama is primed to create the New World Order.”

In my local community, the Department of Transportation has undergone a major campaign to repave all of the popular streets in Brooklyn in a short amount of time. This is great because it gets rid of all of those bumps and potholes. I have lived in Brooklyn for almost 50 years and have never seen anything like it. However, the concern is the urgency and the pave markings (white and yellow lines) that followed. We went from having two lanes to travel in on each side of the street to one lane in each direction with a shared left-turn lane that can only be used immediately before turning left. It doesn’t make sense why The City of New York would want to slow down traffic like this. Commuting to work on Flatbush Avenue during rush hour is a nightmare. All you need is one person driving too slow or stalling to clog up the whole artery. Then it dawned on me. That dead space in the middle of the street serves as an express lane for any emergency or official vehicle. I stood in the middle of one of those lanes and it was clear as far as the eye can see…during heavy traffic! You would figure that if you were going to have a Police State with military vehicles rolling down the street, it would probably not work well in a congested city like New York, hence the reconfigured streets. Some major one-way streets have also been redesigned to have a priority bus lane. It has the same effect as the new two-way streets…a reserved lane as clear as can be during heavy traffic. The new street format can easily serve to contain the traffic while letting officials drive through freely. Some of the narrower two-way streets lost a lane in each direction for nothing. The dead space in the middle is too small to comfortably support a left-turn lane but is big enough for the authorities to squeeze through if necessary. And those double buses – double in length not decks – can easily double as a means to bus hundreds to a plane or train bound for those FEMA camps (google it) after:

  1. The dollar crashes
  2. Pandemonium sets in because people can’t afford to eat or pay their bills
  3. Martial Law is declared to control the chaos
  4. Executive Laws kick into effect
  5. The One World Government (Beast), One World Religion and One World Currency are crated out of the ashes

Then those empty concentration camps, created for who knows what, will begin to fill up and escalate into the Great Tribulation. Which brings me to my next clue.

Why are new Self Storage Centers being built around the city at an alarming rate? What is so trendy about putting your possessions in a room with a roll-gate for $20 a month? Nothing. Those Centers are operating under capacity at 20 – 30% full. After said sequence of events, they will be at 100% full. I have counted approximately 11 Self Storage Centers between Empire Boulevard, Utica, Flatlands and Albany Avenues, and Avenue H. Most of them are newly built or are currently under construction. At least one of those Storage Centers, SafeGuard, is a contractor for major banks. When people default on their mortgage and go into foreclosure, they sometimes abandon the house. Before that happens, the bank would send spotters around to check for signs of abandonment. If this is the case, the bank would then contract SafeGuard to secure the premises and store away anything of value, probably to be auctioned off on ebay. The problem is that there are horror stories and lawsuits against SafeGuard from the South for breaking into peoples’ homes while they are on vacation. And now SafeGuard has begun operating in New York. The Storage Centers will probably play the role of storing away peoples’ possessions for The Beast when many are hauled off and tribulated at those concentration camps.

The next clue is that many wealthies have purchased homes in South America or have left the country. They have placed their assets in gold, which has gone from $600 an ounce to $1800 an ounce and is a more stable investment. That’s why you see all of those gold buying commercials and new Pawn Shops.

Lastly, the Mark of the Beast ranges from a barcode tattoo to a microchip implant to an artistic tattoo, which I have been reading about recently. And you have guessed it. Brand new tattoo shops have popped up in the community. I have seen 2 on Flatbush Avenue a mile apart and a 3rd one down by Park Slope. You can’t have the Mark of the Beast given to everyone in the world without having a lot of professionals available to administer it.

Do you still think the Bible is a mythological fairytale that someone has made up a long time ago? How much of a fairytale will it be when its prophecies continue to come true in our generation? Many of these key concepts must come to pass because they signify Jesus’ return to earth. They are a prerequisite of man bringing the world to the brink of destruction before King Jesus comes back and sets up the Kingdom of God in Jerusalem. He will rule over the nations with an iron scepter and there will be endless peace throughout the Sabbath Millennium.

So the next time you drive down the street and see troopers in your neighborhood or cop cars in that reserved lane with cameras on trunk of their cruisers scanning the plate of every car that goes by at speeds less than 25 MPH, I want you to think to yourself as you mumble praises to King Jesus under your breath, “It’s just a sign of the times.”

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