Free Revelation Study Course: Chapter 9


The Fifth and The Sixth Trumpet Plagues

Revelation 9 is about the Fifth and Sixth Trumpet judgments that God pours out on the Earth and its inhabitants for their iniquities in the Tribulation. After the fifth angel blasted the sound of his trumpet, continued from Chapter 8, Angel Destroyer descended to earth and opened the abyss with a key. Out of the pit came thick smoke and out of the smoke came locusts, which symbolically represent an army of demons from the underworld. Angel Destroyer, their leader, commanded them not to destroy any green plant, which they are not really interested in because they are not literal locus, but they should torment those who are not saved, with Christ’s Spirit, for five months with something that has the same effect as being stung by a scorpion. The plague lasts for five months because it follows the pattern of the literal locus plague in Egypt and five months are the lifespan of a locust.

When the sixth angel blasted his trumpet sound, the four angels bound at the Euphrates River were released to kill one-third of corrupted humanity. Although four angels were released, John testifies of hearing the number of 200,000,000 mounted troops. The mounted troops are the third of heaven’s fallen angels who were cast out of heaven with the devil in the middle of the Satanic Trinity Beast Tribulation of the Saints and the world. When the sixth angel blasted his trumpet sound, God inspired these angels to kill one-third of the rebellious world with the plagues of fire, smoke and brimstone, which are forms of God’s judgment. God judged Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and burning sulfur, which is brimstone, in Genesis 19. God’s ultimate and final judgment is the “Lake of Fire” that burns with fire and brimstone (Rev 21:8). Unfortunately, after the remaining two-thirds of the evil world witnessed these plagues kill one-third of the sinful population, the judgment plagues still did not persuade the survivors to repent of their evil deeds.

I do not want anybody to be judged by God. This is why I teach the prophetic, fifth gospel of the Book of Revelation of Jesus so that people can be saved.

The Purpose

The Book of Revelation was written to seasoned Christians, who have an intimate relationship with King Jesus and who know His Word. The Revelation of King Jesus is the ultimate Bible book that completes everything we need to know about Christ so that our relationship can grow to the highest heights. This is why we study the fundamental books of the Bible, so that we can understand the revealed prophecies of King Jesus.

The Lesson

This lesson on Chapter 9 of the Book of Revelation is apart of a free online Bible Study Course on the Book of Revelation presented and hosted by StreetPreacher. Students will learn the Book of Revelation, verse by verse, from an Israeli, evangelical, futuristic, pre-millennial, prewrath rapture perspective using a modified version of the King James Bible.

The Lesson covers:
α) A Review of the Quiz from Chapter 8
β) The Fifth Trumpet Plague and The First Misery (Rev 9:1-12)
γ) The Sixth Trumpet Plague and The Second Misery (Rev 9:13-21)
δ) A Quiz on this 9th Chapter of The Book of Revelation.

On the Final Exam, I will direct the students on how to easily write a book or a booklet on the Book of Revelation from the Course Lessons and Quizzes.

One thought on “Free Revelation Study Course: Chapter 9

  • June 13, 2021 at 12:05 pm
    Jun. 13, 2021

    Recently, I was asked, Why do I believe that Christianity is the true religion? The Apostle Paul, directs Christians to always be prepared to give a reasoned argument to defend or justify our faith in Christ. The concept is called “Apologetics.”

    The main reason why I believe that Judeo-Christianity is the true religion is because the God of this belief is all mighty, all knowing, all present and all good. His name is Yehovah and He had created the universe for His happiness. My God is the God of love and He commands us the way we should live to build us up in His character displayed in His Son, Jesus Christ. My God loves us so much, that He would die for our benefit, but He cannot. The father came from eternity and He will be here for eternity. He was always here, He is here now and He is the God who will come in the future. The Father is not apart of creation and He cannot not exit. However, God the Son, who has the same Spirit as the Father, can and has died for us while we were still sinners (Romans 5:6-10). Thus, the Father, through His Son, has expressed the greatest degree of love possible for humanity, which He has created. At the same time, my God is righteous and humble; what a combination?

    Those other gods do not compare to Yehovah. In fact, Rev 9:20 says that, man made gods are not even alive because they cannot see, hear nor walk. The religion of the living god of the devil and his demons is against the doctrine of the holy God of love. The religion of the devil seeks to rob and steal from people and abuse people by doing things like placing foreign substances in people’s foods to subtly destroy them and by contaminating their objects to make them itch excessively (John 10:10).

    Other reasons for my faith in Yehovah are that my God is the God who will judge creation for rebelling and I believe in Yehovah because of numerous biblical prophecies that have been declared and accurately fulfilled. The Book of Revelation alone contains about 19 chapters of pure, detailed prophecy. Other religions do not make these bold prophetic statements. Revelation 9 is an excellent example of Yehovah’s prophetic judgments.

    If you know of a religion that tops Christianity, then let me know so that I can update belief of the true religion.