Is God Jewish?


Do We Serve A Jewish God?

Is The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Jewish? It sounds funny. So as you laugh at this comical twist, I want you to ask yourself 5 questions:

  1. Why does God see us as being a Jew or not a Jew (Gentile)? Bear in mind, that Gentiles or general races are considered to be unclean, uncircumcised dogs (Mat 15:26).
  2. Why do the letters “Je” begin holy names like Jehovah, Jesus, Jerusalem and Jews?
  3. Why was Jesus, the exact representation of God (Col. 1:15, 19), born of the Jews and came to His own, first?
  4. Why were the living oracles of God (the bible) committed to the Jews who are suppose to be a light to the nations?
  5. What is the significance of “A Royal Priesthood and A Holy Kingdom?”

Incidentally, I had just finished writing “A Holy Kingdom” gospel tract. Then the picture started to become clear. Understanding God’s plan for man, and knowing a little about a monarchy like the UK helped ever more.

The whole history of mankind can be learned by studying the Jews with respect to God. They seem to be the focal point of everything. History itself is actually His Story, the story of God the Son, Jesus Christ, who God made everything through, by and for.

Why Are the Jews So Special?

The Jews just so happen to be the envy of all nations. They are the richest, most religious, most educated race and have won more Nobel Peace Prizes than all others. Many Jews are doctors, lawyers and scientists. In fact Brad Zimmerman, who is Jewish, just came out with the smash hit play, “My Son the Waiter – A Jewish Tragedy.” It is tragic because Jews expect their children to land a successful job that makes a lot of money. The Jews are also the healthiest race and are less likely to contract a disease, get divorced, be depressed or be incarcerated. They are most likely to marry at an early age, even as virgins. They do not intermarry and some of the race is still pure to this day. The women don’t wear make-up, heals, braids or pants. The males don’t shave or wear jewelry, which has Jew as the root and is some kind of precious stone or metal that is highly valued. The male Jews are all circumcised which is the sign of the covenant that God made with Abraham and his seed (Gen 15:1-21). One of the covenant blessings God promised says, “If you bless the seed of Abraham, God will bless you and if you curse the seed of Abraham, God will curse  you.” A person would think that the covenant includes Ishmael and the Arabs. However, their males are not circumcised nor do they believe that Jesus is God’s Son. It all sounds like the Jews are God’s favorite race and it’s true. But there is no need to be jealous. What God has done for the Jew, He will do for you if you believe in King Jesus. The Jews dress and behave differently from the world as if they were set apart and sanctified from others. They were inspired to write the bible and they follow God’s law more than anyone aside from the Stumbling-Block, the Oral Law and money. They are Royal.

The Jews are also the most hated and the most persecuted race. Everyone has heard of the Holocaust. Towards the later part of the final 7 years, most people, including the Jews, will be tribulated (Mat 24:21, Rev. 7:14-17). The tribulation will reach its peak at the end of the 7 years. By this time people of all races will be saved but the very last 144,000 Jews to be saved or sealed are the elect. They consist of 12,000 Jews from each tribe of Israel  They are sinless and they are the last ones to work in the harvest fields of King Jesus under the greatest tribulation. Many of us Christians can’t even sow a couple of seeds by telling others about Jesus under a Christian government.

It’s all about Jesus, The Jews and Jerusalem

The Jewish, Holy City of Jerusalem is the center of the universe. It is God’s throne on earth. The last 2 chapters of the bible tell us that The New, Holy City Jerusalem is our destiny in the spirit. It is paradise with God’s Royal, Jewish family (Rev. 21:1-4, 22:5). But before this happens:

  1. The armies of every nation will surround Jerusalem and kill the Jews. Then, King Jesus will fight for the Jews and protect them as they escape to Petra (a mountain valley). This occurs by the end of the Tribulation (Zech. 14:1-5).
  2. Next, the fake Christ (False Prophet) acting in the authority of the Beast will rule the world from Jerusalem. He will deceive everyone, even the elected Jews if it is possible, and make all worship an image of the Beast at the temple in the Holy City, Jerusalem.
  3. Then King Jesus will fight for the Jews against the satanic trinity (The dragon, the anti-Christ/Beast and the false prophet) not in the Holy City, but at Armageddon in Israel (Rev. 19:19-20).
  4. Finally, we get a natural taste of eternity. The believers of Christ are the members of His Jewish family in the Spirit. We  will rule the world with the King from Jerusalem in God’s Kingdom on earth. The Father is an eternal, Holy Spirit and will not be reduced to a low mortal. However, The Kingdom of God on earth prepares us to be with The Father in the spiritual, forever.

In addition, the last seven years are allocated for Jesus, the Jews and Jerusalem (Dan. 9:24):

  1. to finish transgression
  2. to put an end to sin
  3. to atoned for wickedness
  4. to bring in everlasting righteousness
  5. to seal up vision
  6. to seal up prophecy
  7. to anoint the Most Holy Place

A Royal Family

Whenever you think of the Jews, I want you to think that they are apart of God’s Royal Family. They stand to inherit The Holy Kingdom of God. The Kingdom has absolute power but it does not exploit or abuse people like the gentile, beastly governments of the earth because it is Holy. It is a Royal Priesthood. However, not everyone is born into royalty. Ultimately, King Jesus will rule in the flesh over the nations from His throne on earth…the temple at Jerusalem. This is the physical, Holy Kingdom of God and it will last for a thousand years. The 12 tribes of Israel are the brothers of Jesus and they will rule with Him. In addition, Jesus has taken for himself a bride (The Church) from among the Gentiles just like Boaz. The Church has married into The Royal Family and has been made to be apart of the Holy Kingdom and Royal Priesthood because in Christ there is no difference between Jew and Gentile (Rom 10:12, Gal 3:28, Col 3:11). Then we will rule with The Father, The Son and His brothers over the Gentile nations from the Spiritual Holy City Jerusalem, forever. (Rev. 21:1-4, 22:5).

In Summery

God inspired the Jews to write the bible and they are the topic of discussion throughout it. Even in the New Testament, Jesus and the first one thousand disciples were Jews practicing Jewish laws. It wasn’t until when Cornelius and his household received the Holy Spirit did the Gentiles enter the faith – and it wasn’t easy coming. Peter was scorned for eating with Gentiles. The problem was Jews don’t eat or associate with Gentiles for fear of being defiled or contaminated by their spiritual filthiness. This was the issue with Jesus and the woman at the well.

Moreover, the Gentiles only get to shine for two Godly days (2000 years). After the rapture, God will focus on the Jews again.

Everything in the bible seems to support A Jewish God – “If we have seen the Son, we have seen the Father.” I can go on but for the sake of brevity, I’ll leave it at this point.

Therefore, the answer to the question is absolutely yes. The race that characterizes God the most is the same one that Jesus was born of…the Jews.

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