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My Mission:

My mission as the StreetPreacher is to share the Word (logos and rhema) of God with people so that they can make an informed decision about salvation and a relationship with the Holy Father, the Holy Son and the Holy Spirit.

The Father has sent the Son to people with a message concerning the Father. The Son has sent His followers to people with a message concerning the Son. He has also given His followers, the Christians, the Holy Spirit to be with us and to help us. Whoever receives these Words does not receive Christians but receives the Words of the Father because the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are one.

The StreetPreacher is on a mission from Heaven to serve God. The best thing one can do is that which you were created. The greatest usage you can get out of a chair is to sit in it (its purpose). If you use it for anything else, you will not get the full benefit from it. THE BEST LIFE YOU CAN POSSIBLY LIVE IS TO BE OBEDIENT TO GOD (your purpose). Anything else would be to short-change yourself. Paul writes that there is no amount of suffering that can compare with the glory that Christ will reveal in us when He returns. That glory must be infinitely great because we all know how much suffering there is in the world. But the Apostle Paul says we are getting a bargain and we benefit so much more for our sacrifice for Yeshua…Hallelujah.

My Goal

  1. My goal is to love God with all of my heart, mind, body, soul, and resources.
  2. To love my neighbors as I love myselve.

My Belief

My belief and my worldview is the doctrine of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior described in the Bible. The complete Bible is the infallible breathe Word of God. It is useful for teaching, edifying, and rebuking among other things.

The StreetPreeacher

I am The StreetPreacher of New York City.

I always had a heart for the Lord but my sin kept me from pursuing Him. In fact when I was in my late 20’s, I had elaborated on an idea using God’s philosophy in a conversation with my friend, Alwin. He tells me I should become a preacher. However my life was filled with sin, I was worldly, I didn’t know much about God and being a preacher was the last thing on my mind. Years later, I found myself in discussion with my cousin Valerie. I had described to her a spiritual concept and she replies, ‘You should become a preacher.’ As before, I was far from becoming a man of God and it was far from my mind. Periodically, I would go to church on Sundays. When I had gone back to college, the church found me. Hunter College had a campus ministry. And one afternoon a member named Ping invited me to a bible study. I had accepted and the rest is history. It lasted for a couple of years and I had a wonderful time at the NYC Church of Christ. Finally the Lord opened the door for me to learn about Him and His Word more extensively. I would read the bible one chapter each day everyday ( it took about 3 years but I read the entire bible from cover to cover). Early before sunrise I would pray to God prior to the bible readings. On Fridays through Saturdays I would stay at home with no TV or radio, even in the dark and meditate on the Word of God. I was filled with awe by the spiritual understanding God revealed to me. Church attendance was on Sundays and throughout the week I would only watch religious programs or listen to religious music. When I would visit my mother I would drive her crazy. She thought I was a fanatic and mentioned that I should become a priest. Well, by this time I did consider sharing the Word of God but not as a priest because there are some things about Catholism I do not agree with. Around August of 2006, God called me to share the Gospel with others by handing out tracts. Originally, I would buy tracts and order inspirational quizzes online to hand out. Then the Holy Spirit said to me, “I should right my own unique tracts”, which I did. Approximately in May of 2007 I had created a website and founded The StreetPreacher of NYC. Welcome to the site.

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