Free Revelation Study Course: Chapter 2


Letters to the First 4 Churches in Asia Minor

In Revelation 2, Jesus Christ tells John to write and send four letters to the Pastors of the first four of seven Churches in Asia Minor. In the letters, Jesus tells the congregation who He is and that He is watching all of their works. He commends their good works and tells them that there will be great rewards if they overcome evil works and remain faithful. He also warns and rebukes those of their evil works that He sees them do and He tells them to repent before it is too late.

We thank You, Father God for these letters to every Christian who has or will ever live, to evaluate and admonish us and to set us back on the right path.

The Purpose

The Book of Revelation was written to seasoned Christians, who have an intimate relationship with King Jesus and who know His Word. The Revelation of King Jesus is the ultimate Bible book that reveals everything we need to know about Christ so that our relationship can grow to the highest heights. This is why we study the fundamental books of the Bible, so that we can understand the revealed prophecies of The King.

The Lesson

This lesson on Chapter 2 of the Book of Revelation is apart of a free online Bible Study Course on the Book of Revelation presented and hosted by StreetPreacher. Students will learn the Book of Revelation, verse by verse, from an Israeli, evangelical, futuristic, pre-millennial, prewrath rapture perspective using a modified version of the King James Bible.

The Lesson covers:
α) The Church of Abandoned Love (2:1-7)
β) The Tribulated Church (2:8-11)
γ) The Church of Compromise (2:12-17)
δ) The Corrupted Church (2:18-29)
ε) A Quiz on this Chapter 2 of the Book of Revelation.

On the Final Exam, I will direct the students on how to easily write a book or a booklet on the Book of Revelation from the Course Lessons and Quizzes.

One thought on “Free Revelation Study Course: Chapter 2

  • April 8, 2021 at 6:31 am
    Apr. 8, 2021

    Jesus praised Antipas for preaching Christ in the middle of Satan’s government. If you do not know that Jesus wants you to preach the gospel unto martyrdom, then you don’t even know who Christ is. Antipas had a revelation that he needed to use his life and all his resources to Do Good Works for God to Make God Happy, in addition to not sinning (Revelation 4:11).