Flat Earth Luminaries


The Sun, Moon and Stars Explained

The video below the image explains how the Sun, Moon and Stars circle around and above the Earth. Keep in mind that the Earth is a flat circle with a dome or firmament above it.


Flat Earth with a dome on top that separates the heavenly waters above from the earthly seas below (Gen. 1:6-8).

The North Pole is at the center of the Earth and the South Pole is the outer-ice-wall that forms the perimeter around the seas. The stars are lights, which are affixed to the inside of the dome with the North Star (Polaris) at the top, in the middle of the dome above the North Pole. The stars are FIXED in the sky with respect to each other and do not independently fly through space at 500,000mph. The whole dome rotates along with all of the stars together around the flat earth 1 degree per day. This is why the constellations do not change. Instead they have been reappearing in the night sky for six thousand (not 14 billion) years.

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