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  Please join me in saving souls for Jesus Christ.

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Your donations make it possible for The StreetPreacher to give out Free DVDs, CDs, Booklets and tracts. They also support this website and this ministry so others like you can be saved through faith in Jesus Christ.
Remember, the Kingdom of Heaven is your Kingdom through inheritance. Build it up first by building up the lives of people with the Words of King Jesus, then God will feed you, clothe you, and He will give you shelter – in the Kingdom.
Therefore, do not expect much of these blessings in this age. All of your unanswered prayers, your inheritance, your outstanding blessings, the promises of God, your rewards, a great deal of food, shelter, clothes and 100 times all of the things that you have given up for the Kingdom will be given to you when you inherit the physical Millennial Kingdom for a thousand years, and then the spiritual, eternal Kingdom (New Jerusalem) forever.

I thank you in advance for your gift.

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