A Holy Kingdom


Rule and Reign as Kings and Priests

You were created to rule and reign over the nations in the Kingdom Of God. We are promised that if we keep His commandments He will make us A Holy Kingdom, A Royal Priesthood to represent Him throughout the world (Ex. 19:6, 1 Peter 2:9). However, we must first learn several lessons in particular, how to love and care for people. Because if we are simply made to rule over people without love and compassion or a sense of holiness then we will end up lying and stealing, hating and abusing, financial cleansing and killing them for our greedy gain. Does this sound like the corruption of politics today, which loves money and power more than God and people? It gets worse when the Beast and False Prophet come on the seen, soon (Rev. 13). Don’t forget, the Government’s role has been delegated by God to protect and build up the nation similar to how a father loves, protects, cares for, and governs over his family.

The Teachings of Jesus

This is what Jesus taught and how He lived His life. He exposed the hypocritical, governing practices of the Pharisees and dislikes how the Nicolaitans, Catholicism and others rule from the top down. Christ warns us not to rule over people like this. Instead, we are to build up people from the bottom up (Mat. 20:25-28). Throughout the life of Jesus we see Him caring for multitudes by feeding them, opening blind eyes and even dying for our sins, which is the greatest expression of love. He had compassion for low, unfortunate people and built them up, as we should. This is how God governs and His ways outlast the test of time. When King Jesus comes back with the saints, we will have all qualified to rule over the world with justice in God’s Holy Kingdom on earth (Rev. 1:5-6, 5:10, 20:4, 22:4).

His Kingdom Lives in You

I Want You To Reign: I am the StreetPreacher, preaching on the streets of New York City. The Kingdom of God thrives in the heart of believers and it only takes a tiny bit of faith to participate; “Maybe God does exist.” You can’t see Him because He is Spirit like a thought. Therefore worship Him in Spirit (according to His principles) and pray today with me with your mouth saying:

Dear God, I am a sinner and now turn from my evil ways of disobedience. I believe in my heart Jesus died for mysins and You raised Him up on the third day. I confesswith my mouth that Jesus is the absolute king of my life. Thank You for hearing me LORD, in the name of Jesus Christ. Let it be true.

You’re saved. Now what? Read your bible and get baptized.

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