Free Revelation Study Course: Chapter 1


The Revelation of Jesus Christ & Blessings

Revelation 1 unveils the prophecies of Jesus Christ, which will take place in the future. God gave Christ this revelation who showed it, in a vision through His angel, to His servant John who was exiled to the island of Patmos. John was commanded to write in a book everything that he saw and send it to the seven Churches in Asia.

Chapter 1 lays the foundation for the Book of Revelation, which is the fifth gospel of Jesus Christ. The Book is 90% prophetic and 10% historic, unlike the previous four gospels, which are about 10% prophetic and 90% historic. Therefore, the futuristic interpretation most accurately describes the contents of this book. In Chapter 1 verse 11, Jesus tells John to write in a book and send the book unto the seven Churches so that those reading and hearing these prophecies can be blessed. This entire book is supposed to be read to believers in the Church. God knew that our faith-walk would be enhanced by knowing the future concerning Jesus. Unfortunately, next to nothing is being read or preached on this topic. This is why God inspired me to create this free resource for you. Enjoy it!!!


The Book of Revelation was written to seasoned Christians, who have an intimate relationship with King Jesus and who know His Word. The Revelation of King Jesus is the ultimate Bible book that reveals everything we need to know about Christ so that our relationship can grow to the highest heights. This is why we study the fundamental books of the Bible, so that we can understand the revealed prophecies of The King

The Lesson

This lesson on Chapter 1 of the Book of Revelation is apart of a free online Bible Study Course on the Book of Revelation presented and hosted by StreetPreacher. Students will learn the Book of Revelation, verse by verse, from an Israeli, evangelical, futuristic, pre-millennial, prewrath rapture perspective using a modified version of the King James Bible.

The Lesson covers:
α) The Revelation of Jesus Christ & Blessings (1:1-3)
β) Greetings To The 7 Churches & Praises (1:4-8)
γ) Exiled on Patmos – 7 Letters (1:9-11)
δ) Vision of the Glory of The Son Of Man (1:12-19)
ε) Interpretation of the Vision (1:9-11)
ζ) A Quiz on this Chapter 1 of the Book of Revelation.

On the Final Exam, I will direct the students on how to easily write a book or a booklet on the Book of Revelation from the Course Lessons and Quizzes.

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  • April 29, 2021 at 6:29 am
    Apr. 29, 2021

    If we completely devote our lives to serving, working for and worshiping the Father and the Son, like Apostle John and other real Saints, we will not even have enough time to engage in sinful activities.