Flat Earth Memes #1


Math, Science and God Do Not Lie

How can you see the city of Chicago from 60 miles across Lake Michigan on a globe? The Earth, with a circumference of 25,000 miles, curves at a rate of 8in. * (miles)2 for distances less than 1000 miles. According to this formula Chicago City should be 2400ft. (or half a mile which is twice the height of the tallest building) below the horizon. Since Math does not lie, the Earth must be flat do to lack of curvature.

On a clear day the city of Chicago can be seen 60 miles across Lake Michigan

On a clear day the city of Chicago can be seen 60 miles across Lake Michigan

Chicago Skyline 60 miles across Lake Michigan

Chicago Skyline 60 miles across Lake Michigan

Another point can be made about Earth’s circumference is that since it is 25,000 miles and Earth rotates at a rate of 1000 miles/hour, the period should be 25 hours each day by the formula distance/rate = time no matter where you are on Earth. Instead each day is only 24 hours. Even if you waited until year’s end to make the correction, you would have an extra 364/24 = 15.17 days.

Sun Rays

Sun Rays

Sun Rays

The angles of these sun rays suggest that the Sun is not very high above the clouds; approximately 3,000 miles. If the Sun was 93,000,000 miles away, these sun rays would be straight and parallel.

Circumpolar Star

Polaris – or the North Star – is always above the North Pole and has not moved 1 inch in 6 thousand years. Moreover, all of the stars and constellations circle around Polaris and the Sun and the Moon circle around the North Pole-Polaris axis. How is this possible and how is the North Star following us through the cosmos and always hovering above the North Pole if the Earth is a globe orbiting the sun at 66,600 miles per hour and the solar system is hurtling though the Milky Way galaxy at 500,000 miles per hour? Answer: The Earth is flat and motionless!!! Science does not lie.

Circumpolar Star

The North, Circumpolar Star in a photograph with a long shutter speed of many hours that shows all of the stars and constellations revolving around Polaris – the North Star – the center of the cosmos.

Circumpolar Star Wiki

Streaks of light trailing stars circling The North Star. The image is on its side because the picture was not taken at the North Pole with Polaris directly overhead. Source: Wikipedia


The Circumpolar Star above the North Pole. Note that Polaris, is the center of the cosmos at the top of the firmament dome. It has not moved one inch in 6,000 years. Source: Wikipedia

A graphic of Polaris above the North Pole. The image varies because some Flat Earthers believe that Earth sits on an infinite plane with other earth configurations like ours. That may or may not be true but the Bible implies that the snow and ice should end inside of the dome/firmament which is all underwater.

Polar, the circumpolar star above the North Pole

Polaris, the Circumpolar Star above the North Pole

Antarctica The Ice Wall

Antarctica is not a continent. It is a 20-story wall of ice that surrounds our circular Flat Earth and extends far back at least 300 miles. No one has ever explored the edge because it is desolate and gets as cold as -100 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. The edge is believed to be where the firmament or translucent dome begins. This is why you can’t fall off of the edge of the Flat Earth.

Antartica is a 20-story wall

Antarctica is a 20-story wall of snow-ice that forms the perimeter around the oceans of the Flat Earth.

The Stars and Planets are Affixed to the Firmament

The stars and so-called planets (lights as seen through a telescope or a Nikon p900 camera illustrated below) are affixed to the firmament/dome. The dome/firmament rotates 1 degree each day. After a year (360 days) the stars will have rotated around the flat earth and you will see the same exact configuration again. This is why the constellations have not changed in 6,000 years and doesn’t make sense in a heliocentric, globe model.


Genesis 1:1-8 suggests that the earth has a dome or firmament and is underwater. God does not lie.

Rockets Cannot Fly in Space

There is no air in space for the hot exhaust gases from the rocket to push against.

Rockets do not fly in space

There’s no air in space for the hot exhaust gases to push against

The Earth isn’t Round Anymore Anyway…It’s Pear- Shaped!

Flat Earth Truthers believe the Earth is flat. You are free to believe anything you want even the latest claims by NASA and world renowned astrophysicists.

Astrophysicists first say that the Earth is a sphere and they have computer-generated images (CGI’s), not real photos, to prove it. Then, they say our Earth is an “Oblate Spheroid” because Earth bulges at the equator from the centrifugal force of spinning 1,000 mph for millions of years. This concept is immediately followed by the claim that Earth is “Pear-shaped,” which contradicts all of those globe CGI’s. Now, if you want to believe that Earth is shaped like a pear instead of being flat, then that is your choice.

Why the Inaccurate Information?

Well, some don’t want you worshiping YAHVEH, the Holy God of Heaven and Earth. So they attack the Creator’s creation to discredit God’s existence. Then they replace it with big bang created planets and galaxies and everything evolved.

Soul-Lure System

Soul-Lure System

Lies about the shape of the earth

Lies about the shape of the earth

How the Sun Rises and Sets on a Flat Earth


Sun Set

The Sun doesn’t really rise nor does it set. It moves in a circle over and around the flat earth with a constant altitude (approximately 3,000 miles high).

As objects move away from you, your eyes play subjective, personal tricks on your mind so that you can tell the difference between objects near and far.

  1. The first trick is called size consistency and says as objects move away from you they get smaller. For example, a car in the distance appears to be smaller than a car close to you. In reality they are the same size but size consistency plays this trick to let you perceive distance.
  2. The second trick is called perspective and says as objects move away from you they converge towards your straight-line-of-sight. For example, imagine that you stood between a pair of railroad tracks that were 50 feet apart – for better illustration. As you look at them in the distance they will seem to get closer together or converge at your straight-line-of-sight. The distant tracks are no closer to each other than the ones close to you but they look closer to let you know that they are further away due to the perspective trick.

The sky and the ground dimension converge at your straight-line-of-sight in the distance as well as the vertical dimension. The ground moves up to your straight-line-of-sight and the sky moves down to your straight-line-of-sight. So, as the Sun moves away from you it looks like it is descending but it is not. The Sun is the same height in the sky but your perspective tricks you into seeing the Sun set.

Sun Perspective

Your perspective makes you think that the Sun goes down below the horizon

At a certain distance the size of an object gets so small that it can’t be seen. Similarly, at a certain distance the sky meets the ground and you can’t see past that point of convergence. If you could see past the point of convergence you would see the ground continue to move up past your straight-line-of-sight and past the sky and the sky would continue to move down past your straight-line-of-sight and past the ground. This is known as divergence and is why the Sun appears to ‘go down below the horizon.’ Interestingly, at this point, if you look at the sun through a pair of binoculars it will appear to come back up from the horizon a little because you have increased the distance of your vision and perspective.

Flat Earth Luminaries


The Sun, Moon and Stars Explained

The video below the image explains how the Sun, Moon and Stars circle around and above the Earth. Keep in mind that the Earth is a flat circle with a dome or firmament above it.


Flat Earth with a dome on top that separates the heavenly waters above from the earthly seas below (Gen. 1:6-8).

The North Pole is at the center of the Earth and the South Pole is the outer-ice-wall that forms the perimeter around the seas. The stars are lights, which are affixed to the inside of the dome with the North Star (Polaris) at the top, in the middle of the dome above the North Pole. The stars are FIXED in the sky with respect to each other and do not independently fly through space at 500,000mph. The whole dome rotates along with all of the stars together around the flat earth 1 degree per day. This is why the constellations do not change. Instead they have been reappearing in the night sky for six thousand (not 14 billion) years.