The 9-11 Conspiracy


Did the U.S. conspire to bring down the Twin Towers to justify going to war against Iraq? I can give you half a dozen reasons that would motivate that administration to go to war:

1. To Finish Daddy’s Work

George H. W. Bush’s Operation Desert Storm prevented Saddam Hussein from invading Kuwait but failed to take Hussein out of power. Bush junior cleans up his dad’s unfinished work. H. W. was probably George W’s greatest adviser.

2. Oil

Commonly known as black gold, oil is responsible for Iraq’s wealth. Texas benefited enormously because of their oil during the crisis.

3. Power

The president of the U.S. has a great deal of power but the commander in chief of a war has even more power.

4. More Power

More power, more power, more power. The Privacy Act. Interestingly, the Privacy Act was immediately created as a result of The War on Terror. This means that:

i. The FBI and other law enforcement can spy on citizens every second of the day, indefinitely. No court order is needed and if required will not be denied thanks to The War on Terror. For example, an FBI agent, on a whim, can have you followed, listen in on all of your communications, videotape you in you own home, have informants engage you and pretend to be you friend, and have merchants and residences treat you like garbage to ostracize you – No Court Order Needed. They can probably even read your thoughts, remotely. The technology is available. Our right to privacy is the only thing restraining them. They want to scare us into giving up our right to privacy for security against the terrorists. Prior to every major holiday, the intelligence of that administration would concoct a story that Al-Qaeda is going to blow-up something hoping that we would spend a lot of money at department stores to boost the economy. Bush played that record in a hole. It has become comical. One comic reads, “Tell a few lies, spread some rumors then exercise my stock options.” Those people down at Zuccotti Park probably all have dossiers on them and are subject to this kind of abuse. That’s why I trust and follow the doctrine of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is worth living and dying for so that one can have a better life. This grace can also be yours today by praying with me with your mouth:

Dear God, I am a sinner and I am not worthy of Your righteousness. I now turn from my evil ways. I believe in my hear Jesus died for my sins and You raised Him up on the third day. I confess with my mouth that Jesus is the lord of my life. Thank You for hearing me Oh Lord in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”

ii. Surveillance cameras in every public place (even hidden in the private homes of Citizens – Technology says it is possible, they just need the law to catch-up). Britain has a super computer called Echelon. It monitors all of the emails and communications of everyone in the country. The FBI has trained the local law enforcement to use this surveillance technology to harass individuals and groups. WMDs This lie coupled with the terrorist destroying the Twin Towers was the political reason George W. Bush went to war against Iraq. Ironically, Bush was so anxious to go to war that he neglected to have the CIA draw up a document to justify the war to congress. So, Cheney goes down to the CIA to twist their arms to rush them to create this document. They wanted it to include Hussein stockpiling uranium, which is a yellow powder (nick-named “Yellow-cake” – probably short for yellow cake mix) but stopped short of doing so. As you know, no WMDs were found in Iraq. To get rid of the minorities in the military For some reason service men and women are not treated with the honor they deserve. They are emotionally abused until they do not have any self-esteem or respect for themselves. I have herd horror stories of how veterans are homeless, on drugs, on welfare, can’t receive disability insurance, unemployed and suicidal. That Walter Reed Army Medical Center is an example of how veterans are treated. And you are gay and want to serve your country? Guess which platoon will be on the front-line?

Summery Studying the rise and fall of the towers alone probably won’t bring you to an accurate conclusion. For example, that 9/11 commission report that was published failed to interview key witnesses. It leaves one to ponder whether they were trying to get to the bottom of the story or trying to cover it up. On second thought, we were asking the government to investigate itself, which also controls the media. The motive for going to war was there. They just needed a compelling political reason for doing so without impeaching the president, thus the 9/11 Conspiracy.

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