Sign of Revelation 12

The Sign of Revelation 12 on September 23?


This does not attempt to predict a date. It renders a biblical interpretation of an event so you can watch out for this sign, stay awake and pray – just in case.

The Woman and The Dragon Prophecy

September 23rd is The Day of Trumpets – a High-Holy Day on God’s calendar (Lev. 23:23-25) – and a double Sabbath because it falls on Saturday. This may be when the Prophecy of Revelation 12 comes true, which states: And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered. And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born. And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.

The Prophecy Explained

The Woman here is Israel, who is symbolized by the constellation Virgo The Virgin. The crown of 12 stars on her head is the constellation Leo The Lion right above her and it represents the 12 Tribes of Israel. And the red dragon before the Woman is the constellation Draco The Dragon which represents the devil. The problem is that the constellation Leo The Lion only has 9 stars. However, astronomers say that on September 23rd Mercury, Mars and Venus will be positioned to complete the 12-star crown on the Woman’s head. They also say the sunrise will be behind Virgo The Virgin and the New Moon will be under her feet.

The Prophetic Interpretation

If what astronomers say is true, then this can be the fulfillment of Revelation 12. But what does it mean? Some believe it is the Rapture or Jacob’s Trouble, which are not the case. The Rapture happens after the 7-Year Tribulation and Jacob’s Trouble occurs at the middle of the Tribulation. The heavenly sign is two Prophecies. The first one about the virgin birth was fulfilled on September 23rd, 3BC – The Feast of Trumpets, Christ’s birthday – when the lights [the Sun, the Moon, Mercury (Gabriel the messenger), Venus and Jupiter (King light) which overlapped Regulus (King star at the heart of Leo the Lion)] formed a straight line through Virgo and Leo. If we reject the Rapture of the Church before the Tribulation and the devil has already been cast down to earth heresies, the second Prophecy of war breaking out in heaven, and the devil cast down and pursues the Woman (Rev. 12:6-18) may be fulfilled on September 23rd when similar lights [the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars (Michael the warrior)] form a straight line through Virgo and Leo.

When war breaks out in heaven at the Great Rebellion, the devil and 1/3 of heaven’s angels will be cast down to earth and the Antichrist will be revealed (2 Thes. 2:3-4). The devil causes and starts The Tribulation, when he and his angels are cast down to earth, by killing everyone who does not worship him, the statue of the 7-headed Beast, nor receive a tattoo mark of the name of Satan which symbolizes ownership, allegiance and an enemy of God. Then, after committing blasphemy, followers of Satan will receive an RFID microchip to buy and sell.

Why This May Be True

  1. The prophecy is from God (Revelation 12) not man.
  2. The heavens (Sun, Moon and Stars) were created so that God can show us Signs of the Times when things will happen (Gen. 1:14-15, Dan. 6:27), not for us to pretend that Martians live on Planets in Space. A sign in the heavens revealed the time when King Jesus would be born. According to Revelation 12, it is possible that a sign in the heavens may reveal the time when The Tribulation begins.
  3. King Jesus ends The Tribulation when He comes from heaven (Mat. 24:22) back to earth to rule over the nations with an iron scepter during the Sabbath/7th millennium. And it seems like the 7th millennium has begun.
  4. The economy may be failing because many age-old stores are filing for bankruptcy protection like Sears, Radio Shack, Westinghouse, Macy’s, JC Penney… If the economy goes there may be Martial Law, Famine, and Tribulation – see Pray for America on this site.
  5. Why are there 800 FEMA concentration camps throughout the country? Pray it’s not Trib. related.
  6. The RFID Chip is now being implemented by some companies and nations are going cashless.
  7. Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, says that he is ready to sign the peace deal with Israel (Dan. 9:27).

Claims of Astronomers

Conversely, I hope that astronomers are off by years with this prediction or that they are making it up like the Planets, the Galaxies and Space. I believe in the heavens under the firmament but they are just lights in the sky (Gen. 1:14-18). In fact, when the devil and his angels are cast down to earth, many will say that the fallen angels are aliens who are invading us and we need to unite into a One World Government (NWO). And the devil is an ancient god that must be worship who has come to rein in the Golden Age – the reason for convincing you that Planets, Galaxies and Space exist. See Endless Lies.

I am The StreetPreacher

…preaching the return of King Jesus and His Kingdom on the streets of NYC from a Hebrew perspective. Several Churches call me a false prophet. How charming is that? The Church is institutionalized religion controlled, at the highest level, by the government. She commits spiritual adultery by worshiping Ishtar on Easter Sunday and Mythras on his birthday of December 25th saying this is Christ’s birthday, supporting abortion, marrying gays, and breaking the Sabbath instead of honoring The Feasts of the Lord which are shadows of good things to come. She is always “politically correct.” If your church does not teach on the book of Revelation, The Tribulation, the prophetic Sabbath Day and the Feasts of the Lord, believes in Pre-Trib, the devil has already been cast down to earth, endorses candidates (violates Non-Profit tax exempt status) or is lukewarm, then you need to wake up. The LORD says, “…to watch and pray” not “…to watch and doubt,” or “…to not watch and criticize.” You should be praying and giving thanks to Yehovah in the name of Yeshuah for not judging our nation and us at this time. When you are looking for signs, there may be some false alarms but you will not be surprised. Even if The Prophecy of The Tribulation does not happen at this time, it is still a sign that we should be watching for.

Pray for salvation today with me saying:

Holy Father in heaven, thank You for hearing me. I am an unworthy sinner and I now turn from my evil, selfish ways. I believe in my heart Jesus died for my sins and You raised Him up on the third day. I confess with my mouth that Jesus is the King of my life. I declare it is true.

And for the Prophecy:

Father God, King of the universe, we pray to You in Jesus’ name that the Prophecy will not come true this year so that more people can be saved for the glory of King Jesus. We thank You for granting us this request, amen.

You’re saved. Now what? Read the gospel of John, practice Christianity and get baptized!
For those who are already saved, keep watching and keep praying. And if this tract has been helpful to you, please donate.

Here is a video for you to see, which may be accurate. I say May Be because I don’t want it to come true.

Laodicea the luke warm church



A Lukewarm Church

The book of Revelation begins with an introduction followed by letters to the 7 churches of Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea (Rev. 1-3). The Church of today is the last church spirit before Jesus returns and is characterized by historical, prophetic Laodicea. Jesus describes our spirit as being lukewarm. He tells the church of today that we are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. The Church (the body of Christ) is poor because we are busy chasing after money and temporary, worldly wealth instead of the Spiritual riches of Jesus, which include faith, the fruit of the Spirit, and saving souls. The Church is blind because we do not completely know and understand the bible. We should listen and read through the bible at least once to know what is says. Then, we should listen to as many different sermons, Christian songs and talk shows and watch as many Christian movies as possible to study His Word because no one source has all of the answers. Finally, we need to meditate on His Word day and night to understand the bible. Most of the Christians that I asked were not able to tell me about The Tribulation, The Rapture, The Millennial Reign and The Great White Throne of Christ. Lastly, the Church is naked because she is filled with sin. The guilt of our sin causes us to be filled with shame, like being naked. Adam and Eve were naked but there was no shame until they sinned.

City and Church of Laodicea in ruins

City and Church of Laodicea in ruins

Jesus Spit Us Out

King Jesus is unpleased with luke-warm Christians and threatens to spit us out of His mouth and reject us (unsaved). The good news is we can repent and receive Christ’s counsel by getting fired up for Him (seek spiritual wealth, study the whole bible instead of memorizing a bunch of verses taken out of context and stop sinning). The Lord loves us. Therefore, He rebukes the Pastor (Mat. 24:45) and us. This is what Jesus thinks of the Church so don’t get mad with the messenger.

If you are an average Christian who goes to church once a week, you are probably luke-warm and not saved. Moreover, the Tribulation is right around the corner and Christians do not know nor care about it. You are being set up to fall flat on your face. The wicked will not see the Trib’ coming and will not understand what is happening (Dan 12:10). There is no pre-trib or mid-trib rapture as once believed.


The Tribulation is a time when the Beast destroys people (Mat. 24:21-22, Rev. 7:14-15) because the world is overpopulated and cannot be sustained by the environment. The Beast also believes that it can create paradise on earth by getting rid of undesirables and rebuilding the political/social structure into The New World Order. See “His Name is Jesus – He is Coming Back!” and it’s comments.

I am the Streetpreaher

…building up the Church of Christ with the truth. The thing that boggles me is that you see Christians of all sorts being puffed up and looking down on others because of their finances, their so-called wisdom and understanding and their earthy righteousness. They don’t have a clue of the truth.

Additionally, most Pastors will not preach this sermon in church because it is not high on the list of sermons that generate the greatest amount of tithes or gold as King Jesus calls it. Never the less, King Jesus loves us and has found a way for you to find the truth. Pray with me today saying:

We thank you Yeshua, for Your love and rebuking us concerning the error of our ways so that we can have a chance to repent. May we turn from the spirit of Laodicea and be on fire for You. We believe that it is true.

Hallelujah, we have repented. Now what? We should tell others the truth. And if this tract has helped you, please donate today.