Buying a Used BMW

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Kelly Blue Book for BMW

Kbb value for 2014 BMW x3 xDrive28i Sport Utility 4D in good condition starts at around $25,986.
Kbb value for 2014 BMW x3 xDrive38i Sport Utility 4D in good condition starts at around $28,112.

These are approximate values for models with the most common, standard options. Go to to fill in more details for a fine-tuned value.

Also keep in mind that the car may be a lemon described in the other article I sent to you.

Buying a Car from the Auction

The cars at the auction are a bunch of lemons. The only way you are going to benefit is if you are a mechanic who has experience buying cars at auctions. They can spot a good deal just by looking at a car (don’t think you are going to out-bid them). And if the car is a lemon, which is usually the case, they will partially fix it up for next to nothing, costing them little more than their time then sell the car at marked up prices.

If you plan to buy a car at the auction you should do your research and go to several car auctions without buying anything to observe and learn as much as possible. Then you should have an experience mechanic who you can trust to take with you and fix the car up for cheap if necessary.