Greedy People

A picture of The StreetPreacher

Also, it is not a coincidence that those people ripped us off. That is how they operate. They set up people to rob and steal their wealth. All of those people, from the non-paying tenants to the real estate agents advertising homes to the bankers were all in it because the final out come is someone being ripped off to the point of their credit being ruined.

You think that you randomly found your current employer? Think again. It was a setup to rob you of your money by paying you less. The same is true for the previous employer.

That letter for a free oil change by the Toyota dealer to get you into the showroom, the $1500 they wanted to charge to pass the inspection and the mechanic waiting outside of the dealer who would do the job for half price were all staged in advanced.

Incidentally, the Kelly Blue Book value of John’s car is $3150 for good condition. That situation was probably staged by those people, too.

I was in Midtown at Times Square sitting on a long bench with no backrest. I was sitting sideways on the bench with one leg on one side and the other leg on the other side. I had a chess set in front of me as waited for someone to play. After about 15 minutes a 26-year-old guy comes along with a 7-year-old daughter. He tells her to sit down on the bench opposite me while he takes her picture. I immediately got up to prevent myself from being in the picture. It was another set up to get me in the picture with the kid so they can tell persuading, damaging, discrediting stories about me.

Those people are greedy, evil, abusive, God haters. That’s why I trust Jesus Christ.